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Skärgårdstur i Fjällbacka

Archipelago Tour | Fjällbacka


During summer season 2024, we have daily departures for our guided archipelago tour.
Kl 11.00 and 12.30 (11 AM & 1.30 PM)


Guided archipelago tour

A guided archipelago tour in Fjällbacka is a perfect sightseeing for those of you who are visiting here. You will get to see Fjällbacka’s most beautiful places and at the same time enjoy a good dose of refreshing sea air.

Enjoy the air, beautiful views and a knowledgeable guide

We will cruise along with the boat among smooth-cut rocks of red granite, and among islands with both lighthouses and sandy beaches. Our skipper and guide steers the boat while he will tell you all about the places and islands you pass. Most of the time, you also get to see seals lying and sunbathing on the salt-sprinkled rocks. An archipelago tour in Fjällbacka will give you both knowledge and joy.

Book an archipelago tour in Fjällbacka

Our archipelago tour in Fjällbacka can be booked for 4-12 passengers. The tour is 1.5 hours long and the price is SEK 300 per adult and SEK 200 per child under 12 years old.

During summer season 2024, we have daily departures.
Kl 11.00 and 12.30 (11 AM & 1.30 PM)

Welcome to contact us for more information or you can make an online booking. We depart from the central jetty in Fjällbacka, at Ingrid Bergmans torg. Life jackets are available to borrow on board.

Fjällbacka Skärgårdsservice is a part of West Sweden and Tanum Turist. Together we give our tourists and visitors in Tanum and Bohuslän many unforgettable experiences.

Båttur till Väderöarna i Fjällbacka

A peaceful boat tour in Fjällbacka

Some of the islands that you will see on the archipelago tour are Kalvön, Valön, Hjärterön, Kråkholmen, Bringebarsholmen and Florön. Of course, our guided boat tour does not end before we have seen Ingrid Bergman’s summer house on Dannholmen.

The Bohus coast and the Fjällbacka archipelago are among the most beautiful places on earth. Both we and the TV channel CNN think so, which has ranked it as one of the world’s ten most beautiful wilderness areas.

With its 8,000 islands, the Bohuslän archipelago is a world-unique environment. Many of the islands are located here in Fjällbacka and now you can experience them through a peaceful archipelago tour in Fjällbacka’s magical archipelago.

For those who want to see even more, Fjällbacka Skärgårdstjänst also offers seal safaris and boat trips to the Weather Islands. You can also book a private, chartered boat trip or boat taxi with us.